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Choosing The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color: Brown, Blue, and Green Eyes

choosing-the-best-eyeshadow-for-your-eye-colorWearing eyeshadow that compliments your eye color and skin tone will not only enhance your looks, but get you the second glance attention you deserve. If you want to wear eyeshadow, but are not sure which color will look best with your eye color, help is here. As a general rule of thumb, eyeshadow should first compliment your eye color, while not contrasting with your clothing. You do not want the color of your eyeshadow to exactly match the color of your eyes because the eyeshadow will dominate your natural eye color and your eyes will just end up being washed out. All anyone will notice is the eye shadow. Remember, you want your eyes to be on display not your makeup. On the same note, you should also avoid matching your eyeshadow to your clothing. Instead, try to keep your clothing and eyeshadow in the same color family, or at least within a complimentary family. With this info in mind here is a quick list on which eyeshadow colors will look the best with each eye color.

Choosing The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

best-eyeshadow-for-brown-eyesWhat color eyeshadow will look best with brown eyes?
When it comes to choosing the correct eyeshadow color for brown eyes, these lucky women can get away with wearing almost any color of eyeshadow they want. From cool blues and greens to warm champagnes and bronzes (see Alicia Keys eyeshadow below), a wide variety of shades can easily enhance brown eyes.

  • best-eyeshadow-for-brown-eyes-alicia-keysBasic eyeshadow colors for brown eyes: copper, bronze,champagne (soft pink with a touch of apricot), beige, and khaki-green.
  • To really make your brown eyes pop try either a green eyeshadow or a pink eyeshadow.
  • For a more extreme or playful look you can try funky colors like tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, or lime-green.
  • Brown eyes can even pull-off wearing brown eyeshadow, but be careful because certain tones can look muddy against brown eyes.

If you are a brown-eyed girl, you might be better off placing more emphasis on your skin tone when it comes to determining the best eyeshadow shades for your eyes. This is because brown eyes are so versatile and team well with so many colors, whereas certain skin tones look more attractive with specific colors than others.

What color eyeshadow will look best with blue eyes?
When choosing the correct eyeshadow color for blue eyes, you really want to refrain from matching your eyeshadow to your eye color. If you want to wear blue eyeshadow, choose either a navy or indigo color. A deep blue like navy that is a darker shade than your natural eye color will make your eyes really blue, while a pale blue eyeshadow on your lids and just a hint of metallic brow powder will give you a sun-kissed look and liven up your skin (see Taylor Swift eyeshadow above).

  • best-eyeshadow-for-blue-eyes-aishwarya-raiBasic eyeshadow colors for blue eyes: warm taupes (a dark brownish gray color), soft peaches, gray, violet, purple, deep blue, black (mix it with bright blue for a smoky effect), soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones.
  • To really make your blue eyes pop try wearing earth-tones, such as browns with a slight purple base, taupe, and slate colored grays.
  • For a more extreme or playful look try a nice rose colored eyeshadow (the coolness from the pink/purple eyeshadow will be a really nice contrast to your blue eyes), silver, turquoise, or fuchsia (which brightens any shade of blue).

What color eyeshadow will look best with green or hazel eyes?
When choosing the correct eyeshadow color for green or hazel eyes, most green and hazel eyes have a variety of flecks within the colored iris, so experiment with these unique colors in order find the perfect one for your eyes.

  • Basic eyeshadow colors for green eyes: earth tones with slight hints of gold, taupe colors, soft apricot and peaches, golden browns, deep khaki or forest green (because they are in the same greenish family, they brighten green eyes).
  • To really make your green eyes pop try wearing various purple shades of plum and lavender. The contrast in color to your eyes will make them seem more dramatic. If you want your eyes to stand out but look more natural, try warmer mocha brown shades or warm colors with slight orange undertones.
  • For a more extreme or playful look try gold, lime-green, really light green or bright purple.

What color eyeshadow will look best with any color eyes?
When choosing the correct eyeshadow color for any eye color, you can’t go wrong with selecting a navy or charcoal base to define and a powder-blue shadow for highlighting (it brightens your brow bone so any eye color pops). For a more extreme or playful look silver-sparkle shadow makes all eyes look edgy.

Tips On Choosing Eyeshadow Colors for Your Eyes

  • Shop for shades that complement your skin and eye color. Look for colors that softly contrast with the shade of your eyes - not colors that match them exactly.
  • When you are picking colors for your skin tone, stick with natural, subtle colors. For dark skinned women, you should stay away from white or light colors and look for eyeshadows that are deep with color. Vice versa, if you have a fair complexion, it is best to stay away from dark colors.
  • Choose simple, natural shades. If you opt for bright or trendy colors, be careful; they can look unnatural unless balanced with other suitable tones, and may go out of style as fast as they came in.
  • Buy colors that blend well together. You want your eyes to attract the attention, not any marked lines caused by your shadow.
  • Keep in mind that dark colors will minimize your eyes, while lighter shades will make them stand out.
  • The goal of wearing eye makeup is to enhance your eyes and bring attention to them. A simple trick to follow is to wear the opposite color eyeshadow of your eyes on the color wheel below. This will ensure that your eyes really stand out, or “pop” as they say.
(How To Use The Color Wheel: Wear the opposite color eyeshadow of your eyes. For example, if you have blue eyes, you would wear rust, coral, peach or grayish colors; if you have brown eyes, wear greens and pink, and if you have green/hazel eyes, try wearing deep purples, pinks, and rusty purples.)

Remember, you want your eyes to be on display not your makeup. Follow the suggestions and tips discussed above and you’ll have enviable eyes that will catch anyone’s attention. For more eye makeup wearing tips see Tips For Wearing Blue and Lavender Eye Makeup.

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