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How To Choose The Right Type
and Color Of Blush

From left to right: Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Mandy Moore blushing out

For most of us, getting started with makeup is a real challenge. Even women who have been wearing makeup for years still have problems. What types of product should you use? What colors should you choose? How do you know what looks good on you? Using the right blush during the right time of day is important for every woman, and choosing the right blush color can give your skin a vibrant, healthy glow. But how to choose the right type and color of blush? Should you go powder, cream, tint, shimmer, or gel? Peach, rose, coral, or bronze? Since there are many different types of blush out there, I am going to cover the five main types so you can choose what kind you need and when (day or night).

types-of-blushHow To Choose The Right Type and Color Of Blush

Types of Blush:

  • Powder Blush - Powder blush is great for all skin types, but best for oily skin and anyone looking for long-lasting color (it’s the densest of the blushers).

  • Cream Blush - This type of blush is best applied with the fingers. It’s also dense, but lets your skin show through. Cream blush is particularly suited for dry skin because of its rich, moisturizing ingredients.

  • Gel Blush - Gel blushes provide a sheer glow. They work best on oily to normal skin and are hard ot spread onto dry skin since they are fast-drying.

  • Tint Blush - Like gel blush, tints are fast-drying and can look streaky over foundation. If you’re going to use it, blend it fast and blend it well. Once it’s set it won’t budge until you wash your face.

  • Shimmers Blush - These are great for giving a light gleam to your cheekbones. These are best for nighttime. The great thing about shimmers are you can dab them on your forehead, in the bow of your upper lip or in the inner corners of your eyes. But avoid your highly wrinkled spots, since shimmers will accentuate them.

Elizabeth-Arden-makeupColors of Blush:
The best colors for blush to choose are those which are close to your skin tone. Following this guideline will help you avoid choosing a blush color that seems artificial. The perfect blush color is one that looks as natural as possible.

Techniques you can use to find your natural blush color:

  1. Bend down and touch your toes with your fingers for two minutes and then stand back up. (You may need to climb a flight of stairs if this doesn't work). The color of your cheeks that is there at this moment is the right blush color for your face.

  2. Look to see what color your cheeks look like after you have been out in the cold or exercising at the gym.

  3. To find your natural blush color you can also pinch your cheeks and wait for a few seconds.

  4. Another helpful way to find the right blush color for your skin tone is to match it with your current lip color. If you favor pink tones for your lips, it’s likely that a pink blush color will also work well on your cheeks.

Here is another suggestion to find out which blush color will look good on you:

  • If you look best in these fashion colors: blue, green, aqua, plum, lavender, and other cool water tones, then you should choose a blush in cool tones of Crimson, Plum, Wine, Pastel Pink, Blue-Red, TerraCotta, Peach, or Rose.

  • If you look best in these fashion colors: orange, pink, peach, red, olive-green, and othewarm earth tones, then you should choose a blush in warm tones of Coral, Bronze, Brown, Warm Red, or Hot Pink.

Typically, darker skin tones benefit from burgundy or wine colored blush colors, while lighter skin tones will be enhanced by pink hues.

intense-blush-colorIt’s also important to mention that the intensity of color can make or break the look. If the color is too deep or intense, it can look garish on light skins. If it’s too faint, the color can disappear on medium to deep-toned skin. Here is a quick reference for blush intensity according to skin tone:

Fair Skin Tone: light to medium intensity
Medium Skin Tone: medium intensity
Deep Skin Tone: medium to deep intensity

Hopefully after reading this article you now have a better understanding of how to choose the right type and color of blush for you.

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