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How To Determine The Best Eyebrow Arch For Your Face Shape and Features


It may not be the first thing that people notice, but the shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance. By flattering your facial shape, balancing your features, and framing your eyes, your eyebrows have the ability to make you look more beautiful than you already are. The shape of the brow, including where your eyebrow arches, where it's wide and where it's thin, is the key to achieving a great look. Whether you’re a woman that has full, thick eyebrows, or a woman that has small, thin eyebrows, we at are going to help you find the eyebrow shape that is the most flattering for you. Here is how to determine the best eyebrow arch for your face shape and features.

How To Determine The Best Eyebrow Arch For Your Face Shape and Features

Ideally, the inside portion of the eyebrow should be thickest and should taper towards the outer edge (FYI: If your guy wants to manicure his unibrow the opposite is true. His eyebrow's outer edge should be thicker and the inner portion should taper slightly). When shaping your eyebrows you should be mindful of balancing out other facial features such as your face shape, eye position and forehead size. Here are some general guidelines on how to determine the best eyebrow arch for your face shape and features.

Face Shape

eyebrows-for-a-round-faceRound Face:
If you have a round face like the adorable Drew Barrymore, emphasizing the arch of the eyebrow will help give you a more narrow-faced appearance by drawing attention away from the width of your face. Your eyebrows should have a high arch and extend to the end of the cheekbone.

eybrows-for-a-long-faceLong Face:
If you have a long face, such as the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, do not emphasize the arch of the eyebrow. Instead, flatten the eyebrow arch to almost nothing. Doing so will give your face a more horizontal dimension making it appear shorter. Also, make sure not to extend your eyebrows past the outer corners of the eye.


eyebrows-for-a-square-faceSquare/Angular Face:
If you have a square/angular face, a la Demi Moore, use a high arch and a rounded curve on the outer ends of the eyebrows. Rounded eyebrows will help to soften the sharp angles of your face making it appear more oval.


Other Facial Features

Close-Set Eyes:
For those women with close-set eyes, try shaping the eyebrows a little closer to the inner corner of your eye and extending the outer edge a bit further outward. This will help give the illusion that your eyes are set further apart.

Wide-Set Eyes:
If you have wide-set eyes, extend the eyebrows inward a bit. This will make your eyes appear closer together. Be careful not to give yourself a “frowning” appearance, however.

Low Forehead:
Women who have a low forehead should use a low arch when shaping their eyebrows. Doing so will give your forehead more height. You want to be careful not to over arch your brows since even a moderate arch can leave you looking in a permanent state of surprise.

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How to determine the thickness of your eyebrows
You should let the natural strength of your features determine the thickness of your eyebrows. If you have delicate features, for example, you should go for thin, delicate eyebrows. Women with strong features and thick hair on the other hand should have thick eyebrows to match. Your eyebrows should help balance out your other features. Thick eyebrows on a face with small, delicate features will overpower the face, while thin, delicate eyebrows on a face with strong features will make those features seem even bigger and more pronounced.

fierce-eyebrowsOther tips on how to shape your eyebrow arch
You generally want to keep the beginning and end of the eyebrow even. If the end of your eyebrow is noticeably above the beginning of your eyebrow, you will likely end up with a fierce, angry look (see image at right). This may or may not necessarily be the look you were hoping for.

The exception to the above rule: women who have almond shaped eyes. Women who have almond shaped eyes that turn up at the outside edges likely have eyebrows that are naturally higher on the outside than the inside. To emphasize the shape of this type of eye when you are shaping or filling in the eyebrow, you will want to keep the outside of the eyebrow higher than the inside. Trying to lower the outside ends of the eyebrows to match the inside (or beginning) of the eyebrows on this shape of eye can result in an unnatural look, almost clownish in fact. So be sure to follow the natural line of the brow.

To give your eyebrow arch a more natural-looking emphasis and to fill in any sparse areas, use taupe eye shadow. Taupe color will help define the brow and not wash it out, so taupe should especially be used by very light-skinned blondes and redheads. Redheads can also use a neutral color with a hint of amber. For dark skinned women, experiment with shades of brown until you find the one that suits your skin tone best.

Also see our article, How To Shape Your Eyebrow Arch, to achieve the ideal eyebrow shape.

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