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How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair

get-rid-of-gray-hairDoesn't graying only happen to older people? Well, that depends on your definition of "old." If you are referring to graying in your 20s and 30s, that is not premature graying. Many people will see several strands of gray hair before they turn 40. But the actual definition of "premature" graying is when half of your scalp hair is gray before the age of 50. If you are a Taylor Hicks (American Idol) look alike, you may be wondering how to get rid of gray hair. Simply put, you can't. Premature graying is genetically predetermined. But with the help of hair dye and some routine maintanence, you can get your gray hair to disappear.

How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair: Taylor Hicks with his
salt-and-pepper hair on America Idol at age 28.

How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair: The root of graying and how to prevent it
Gray hair is usually a result of the natural aging process. The pigment or melanin in your hair shaft comes from cells located at the base of the hair. These cells are genetically programmed to produced a set of pigment at a specific age. The amount of pigment produced lessens as you age. White hair has no pigment while gray hair still retains some. Red, black and brown hair has the most pigment. The amount of pigment these cells produce is genetically controlled. That being said, people rarely gray overnight. And if you do, it may be associated with other medical complications (consult a doctor). In some cases, early graying can indicate underlying medical problems like thyroid disorders, vitiligo, vitamin-B12 deficiency and anemia.

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The onset of gray hair is usually occuppied by dryer and more brittle hair. These are symptoms of unhealthy hair and an early predictor of graying hair. Hair loss is also an early indictator of gray hair. If salt n' pepper is not your ideal beauty trend or if you're just about all out of pepper, then consider a dye job. Contrary to what you may think, gray hair can be a challenge to dye. The texture is to blame. Gray hair tends to be more coarse and does not absorb color very well. If your graying covers nearly 40-50 percent of your hair, most stylist prefer to pre-treat the hair before starting a dye job. This will allow the hair to hold onto the dye better and your hair will benefit from a uniform coloring job.

If you only have a few strands of gray that you would like to cover up, a home hair dying kit might work for you. However, if the majority of your hair has lost its pigments, consider a professional dye job. There are do-it-yourself kits that are especially designed for dying gray hair at home (Try: L'Oreal Creme Resistant Gray or, if you prefer more natural products, Light Mountain Natural Color The Gray! Hair Color & Conditioner). These usually come with easy to follow instruction and are almost fool proof. Make sure that your follow ALL the directions indicated by the kit, especially performing the strand test.

treat-gray-hairIf you're a male, gray hair equates to gravitas. In fact, premature gray may be an advantage for men in any line of professional work, including the President of The United States of America. On a male, gray hair communicates "I am an experienced, stable, and relible man." Women don't get this right of passage. Other than Meryl Streep, when was the last time you saw a glamorous, gray-haired woman walking the Red Carpet? More than likely, this is a rare sight. Until graying becomes a popular beauty trend, most women will opt for the dye job.


How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair: Meryl Streep

How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair: Hair Care Recipes

Shine and Volume Boosting Hair Rinse:
To add some volume to your more than likely, coarse, gray hair try this recipe. In a bowl, combine 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Pour this mixture on freshly shampooed hair. Try to catch the runoff in another bowl and rinse your hair again. Repeat three to four times. This will retore the natural balance of your hair and add shine and softness.

Hot-Oil Treatment:
To make a hot-oil treatment for dry hair, place 1/4 cup of canola or soybean oil in a glass measuring cup. Place the cup in a bowl of hot water, and allow the oil to warm. Any vegetable oil will work, but canola oil is a good choice because it contains no added ingredients. Use your hands to spread the warm oil through your wet hair, leave it in for two minutes tops. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo. You'll have softer, shinier hair!

Frizz Taming Conditioner:
In a bowl, mix together 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt (not low-fat) and one egg. After shampooing, pour the yogurt-egg mix onto your head and thoroughly massage it into your hair, working from roots to tips to make sure all your hair gets coated. Leave this on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out well with lots of cool water. This is especially good for softening up dry hair and preventing fly-aways and frizzies.

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