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What Hair Color Will Make My Eyes Pop?

Okay, a lot of ladies out there have been trying to figure this question out for a long time: “What color should I dye my hair to make my eyes pop?” While this is a common question, deciding what hair color will make your eyes stand out the most is not as difficult as you may think. To find the perfect hair color to play up your eyes just follow a few simple rules and your eyes will appear bigger and brighter than ever.

What Hair Color Will Make My Eyes Pop?

hair-color-for-eyes-cameron-diazHair color to make blue/green eyes pop:
If you have blue or light green eyes (cool hues), you should choose a base hair color that has similarly cool undertones. Think strawberry blonde or brown, pale blonde, or sandalwood. Check out how Cameron Diaz's golden locks bring out her gorgeous blue eyes (right).


hair-color-for-eyes-kim-kardashianHair color to make brown/hazel eyes pop:
If you have brown or hazel eyes (warm hues), you should choose a base hair color that has similarly warm undertones. Think rich auburn, caramel, or dark chocolate. Follow Kim Kardashian's lead and let your hair highlight your eyes naturally (right).


hair-color-to-make-your-eyes-pop-like-kristin-kreukSelecting a hair color based on the cool or warm hues of your eyes works for one simple reason, the different shades of color found in the irises of your eyes (known in the beauty industry as eyelights) pick up the colors in your hair. This helps to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. So, to find the perfect hair color to make your eyes pop, you should look for a shade that picks up the flecks of color in your irises. Smallville star Kristin Kreuk's beautiful eyes (left) are a perfect example. Notice how the browns and greens in her eyes play off the warm colors in her hair. Her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing!

Tips and Suggestions About Dying Your Hair Color To Make Eyes Pop

When coloring your hair, avoid dying your locks too close to your scalp. Contrary to what you might think, it is actually best that you do not color your roots. Ideally, you should leave somewhere from ¼ to ½ an inch of your natural roots showing. Doing so brings depth to your eyes and keeps the overall feel natural. Tip: If you are dying your hair at home, coating your roots with a regular conditioner will block the hair dye from absorbing into this area of your hair.

As a general rule, you should stay within two shades of your natural hair color. Go any darker or lighter than that and you risk negatively affecting your skin tone (see What Hair Color Is Best For Your Skin Tone).

Finally, an essential for making your eyes really sparkle is shiny hair. To increase your hair’s shine, apply a small amount of styling product that helps increase luster. We recommend you try Tresemme 4+4 Styling Glaze ($8.29).

Your eyes can look bigger, brighter and sexier than ever if you know how to choose the right hair color for your eyes. Follow these simple rules and you will never again have to ask yourself, “What hair color will make my eyes pop?

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