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Hair Care and Style Tips - how to get fresh hair, shiny hair, bouncy hair, frizz-free hair

Since a gorgeous head of hair makes any woman feel confidant and beautiful, this article is dedicated to hair care and style tips that every woman should know and use. Follow these tips to solve stubborn hair problems and achieve the hair you've always wanted.

hair-care-tips Fresh Hair Tips:
If you are like the majority of gals out there and don't wash your hair every day, here are two tricks you can use to keep your hair fresh.

  1. Apply hairspray to your greasy roots. The alcohol in the hairspray will absorb the oil.
  2. Use a powder puff and dab baby powder along your hairline, or spritz your roots with a dry shampoo.

shiny-hair-tips Shiny Hair Tips:
To get hair that shines follow these recommendations.

  • Wash your hair with cold water; it smoothes the hair cuticle so it reflects more light.
  • To seal the cuticle, mix one teaspoon of vinegar with one glass of water and rinse your hair with the mixture. You can use shine serums and glazes as well.
  • Don't forget to brush. Brushing not only removes the dulling effects of product buildup, but also calms down the hair cuticle for more sheen.

frizzy-hair-tips Frizzy Hair Tips:
If you want to avoid the frizz, try out these proven methods.

  • Use a weekly conditioning mask to keep your hair healthy since damaged, dry hair is more prone to frizz.
  • If you have curly hair, apply a leave-in conditioner when you hair is very wet. This will help hold the hair together in curls instead of frizzing out in different directions.
  • You can also try using silicone products. They create a barrier against moisture so hair doesn't frizz out as easily.

bouncy-hair-tips Bouncy Curls Tips:
For great hair that has bounce, follow these suggestions.

  • To add more volume to your hair, spritz wet hair with a body-building spray.
  • While blow-drying your hair use a round brush to coax it into curls. Remember, the bigger the brush, the larger the wave.
  • If you want more curl, wrap large sections of your hair around a 1-inch curling iron. Pin up the curls until they cool, then bend over with your head down and use your fingers to fluff your hair.

Low-maintenance Haircut Tips:

  • If you have long hair add gradual layers. This will help extend the time you can go between trims. Since short coils tend to shrink up, the curlier your hair, the longer the layers should be.
  • If you have medium length hair, try a bob with side-swept bangs. Not only is it easy to style, it also doesn't require as many trims as a shorter cut. Remember to keep your hair long enough so you can put it into a pony tail.
  • If you have short hair, go for a pixie cut. It will dry fast and needs less styling product. Be mindful that regular trims are critical for shorter looks, however. You will need to get a trim every month or so.
  • For tips on how to select a hair style based on face shape click here.

Here are a few more hair care and style tips:

smooth-hair-tips Smooth Hair Shortcut Tip:
If you want to get a sleek finish fast follow these steps.

  1. When blow-drying, instead of sectioning, blow-dry your hair loosely using an ionic dryer and your fingers.
  2. Use an iron with rounded edges to straighten your hair. Start from mid-shaft and proceed to the tips, flipping ends under.
  3. Use a light shine serum to smooth ends. For extra sleekness, press your hair between your palms.

Blow-drying Tips:
If you think blow-drying is bad for your hair you're right. Follow these tips to keep damage to a minimum.

  • To prevent heat damage while drying, prep your hair with a thermal protective spray like Beyond the Zone Turn Up The Heat Serum.
  • Use an ionic dryer; it dries hair faster than traditional blow-dryers.
  • Remember to keep the dryer moving at all times to prevent hot spots.

hair-coloring-tips Color Tips:
If you color your hair and want to make your highlights last longer try these tips.

  • Use a shampoo that contains chamomile, leaving it in for 5 minutes. Chamomile is a natural brightening agent. You can also wash your hair with shampoos that are designed to prolong sunny streaks.
  • For gals with ashy blond hair, add one capful of peroxide to a bottle of moisturizing shampoo and shake well. Wash your hair with this mixture once a week.
  • Have highlights painted on without foils. This results in less of a line of demarcation when roots grow in, which allows you to go longer between touch-ups.
  • If you want to know how to choose the right highlights for your hair color and face shape click here.

For more hair care and style tips see related articles in our hair and celebrities categories.

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