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Bob Haircut For A Round Face

A reader recently contacted GlamourEdited with a face shape and haircut question. It was great to receive the question and we hope that everyone, especially the asker with the round face, enjoys the article.

I have a round face and I know a short hair cut will make it look even bigger, but I really want a bob cut. Any advice?

Round faces come in two varieties. First, there are those faces that are just naturally round-shaped; a full-looking face with a round chin and hairline (e.g., Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, and Kirsten Dunst). Next, there are those round-shaped faces that result from someone being above their ideal weight; a face that has just plumped up a bit. Whatever your round-faced reason, in order to ensure that a bob haircut for a round face shape is flattering, you have to be conscious about creating a balanced look for your round face. This means that you will want to create a vertical focus so that the short bob-style haircut will suit your round face.

Bob Haircut For A Round Face

bob-haircut-round-face-ginnifer-goodwinTo create a vertical focus, keep the sides smooth and straight, with little volume, and drop the length of the cut to the neck, as opposed to stopping at the chin as you would with a longer face. If you have a round face, you want to avoid chin-length curly hair, or chin-length bobs. Keeping your hair length below your chin will help to elongate your face (see Ginnifer Goodwin's short bob haircut, right). Try sporting sleek, graduated layers from about your lips down. This will help to remove bulk and weight from the sides. Also try wispy, tapered ends to de-emphasize the roundness. You will also want to avoid getting a fringe with the bob cut for a round face. If you do decide to get one, make sure that you keep it diffuse and wispy. Any strong line (straight or curved) will only stress the roundness of your face, making your face look even wider. Also, avoid a center part as this emphasizes full foreheads, and opt for a side part instead. As a result of elongating the cut and keeping the volume on the sides to a minimum, your face will take on a slimmer appearance. This results in a flattering look that keeps your overall appearance balanced and attractive.

If you want to try and go for a really short bob haircut for a round face, check out the photos of Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst below. Notice how their hair is textured; texturing is very important on a round face. As you already know, a short bob haircut can make your head appear even rounder and fuller than it really is, especially if you also have a short neck. To lengthen a round face, layers should be longer across the forehead. By using a few textured layers this cut really works well for both Michelle's and Kirsten's round faces. Both beauties also use soft waves to deflect the roundness of their faces. Use caution with curls, however, as extremely curly hair can accentuate the roundness of your face (as can extremely flat hair). Finally, both actresses use wispy ends to further flatter their round faces. Blunt, one-length ends tend to widen the face, so avoid them. For more hair style ideas see our article Medium Hair Cuts, Medium Haircut Styles.

Michelle Williams short bob haircut for a round face.

Kirsten Dunst short bob haircut for a round face.

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