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Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review

debbie-sieber-slim-in-6-videos-reviewIf you wake up early enough in the morning or stay up late at night, you are likely to have seen one of Debbie Sieber’s infomercials for the Slim In 6 workout video series. The 30 minute commercial promises that the Slim In 6 program will shave off inches and slim you down in as little as 6 weeks. There are encouraging testimonials from both women and men claiming: “I went from a size [fill in the double digit pant size here] to a size 2.” But how realistic is the Slim In 6 workout program? I am currently on week seven of Debbie Siebers' Slim In 6 workout program and I am going to tell you about my experience. Below is my personal Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review.

Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review: Introduction

slim-in-6-videos-reviewFirst a little background about myself -
I am a female in my late twenties with about 20 pounds of extra weight I want to shed. Before I started the Slim In 6 workout program, my days consisted of working 10-12 hour shifts with a walk to the car garage and back as my daily exercise. I ate fairly healthy and kept my intake of processed foods and sweets low. However, I was not a stickler to my diet plan. I maintained roughly a 1400 calorie-a-day diet, but gave myself two “days off” during the week to indulge a little (within reason of course). So keep this in mind as you read my review.

Besides losing the weight, I also wanted to slim down without “bulking-up”. I’m only 5’ 1” so I want to avoid the thick, stocky look; I want to look long and lean. When I saw Debbie Sieber on her infomercial promising a slim figure in 6 weeks, I figured I had nothing to lose but the weight (minus the $60 + shipping). Since the Slim In 6 program is a mixture of cardio and light resistance training, I figured it was the right program for me to try.

Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review: The workout videos

Start It Up!:
This video is designed to introduce you to the basic Slim Training moves for burning calories and reshaping your body. The program suggested that this 25 minute video be done six times a week for one week. Though the length of the video seems short at a glance, the first week of working out was rough. Mainly because I was out of shape. For people who do not follow a regular workout routine (or never had a personal trainer), this video was helpful in describing the proper techniques of squats, lunges, and crunches. My body was sore for half of the week. Everything hurt, especially my lower body.  However, the muscle soreness improved as I got better with the moves and was able to keep up with Debbie and her workout buddies.

Ramp It Up!:
This part of the program is designed to help you burn more calories each day to accelerate your results. This 48 minute video was a serious increase in length when compared to Start It Up! The number of lunges and squats were increased and floor exercises were incorporated. Overall, the speed was a little quicker and the workout tougher. It took me a week before I could keep pace and the routine definitely did not get any easier during the second week.

Burn It Up!:
This is supposed to take slimming and toning to the next level to complete your body reshaping. Just as the title suggests, this 60 minute workout will burn! This video took me nearly two weeks to master. The squat exercise alone was nearly 10 minutes and the lunges are spiced up to include a knee lift. In addition, the floor exercises were doubled. Great workout.

Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review: Advantages of Slim In 6

  • Debbie Sieber’s Slim In 6 program works if you follow a sensible dietary plan and the workout schedule. By simply doing the workout alone I’ve dropped 10 pounds (woohoo!!). In addition, my legs are stronger and I now have lean muscle definition where I did not before.
  • Guthy-Renker is a good company and they offer a money back guarantee.
  • Good online support with forum and professional help. I use it to connect with other people going through the same workout stage. This way, I am accountable each day.  
  • Mentally, I feel better about myself and it shows in my attitude and confidence.

Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review: Disadvantages of Slim In 6

  • Many online reviews complain about the music aspect of the program. Truth is, they are right: the music stinks. Of all the music selections, I do not know why Debbie Sieber picked jazz for a high intensity workout. Luckily, the music is not loud (minus a few trumpet moments in the last video). I just turned on my own workout music and played it during the video. After the first few sessions, I was able to turn down the sound on Debbie and just turn up my own music. I wouldn’t count on Debbie’s music to keep you motivated.
  • The workout is not easy, which might make it very difficult for people who are severely overweight. Even though the infomercial had some severely overweight people swearing that they dropped some ridiculous amount of weight using this program, I am not convinced that this program is ideal for people needing to drop more than 90 pounds. Perhaps daily exercise such as walking and dietary changes need to be incorporate into their daily life first before Slim In 6 can take them down to a size 2.

Slim In 6 Workout Videos Review: Conclusion

debbie-sieber-slim-in-6-videos-reviewOverall, Debbie Sieber’s Slim In 6 is a good workout program. Following these videos actually helped me lose weight and increase my muscle tone without getting bulky. My body has definitely gotten smaller, firmer, and more tone. I also like that Debbie Sieber doesn't get too fancy, funky or complicated with her moves. They are simple, but effective. It’s also nice to exercise along with someone who isn’t full of all that annoying manic positivity. Debbie has a calm, pleasant personality, she consistently reminds you about maintaining proper form, and she guides you through each exercise. Debbie Sieber definitely knows what she is talking about and the Slim In 6 program definitely works. You will literally work your […] off if you follow this workout routine. In my opinion, the Slim In 6 program is without a doubt worth the price.

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